Meet Courtney


Hey, y'all!
My name is Courtney! I'm based out of Carlsbad, New Mexico and have lived here my entire life. I am a mama to a sassy little girl named Henleey and have a wonderful boyfriend who supports everything I do! When I'm not photographing beautiful people; I like to spend time with my family, go out of town, or be lazy and watch movies all day!

Fun Facts About Me:

I'm obsessed with everything Target, I would go broke if I had one in my town.
I am also obsessed with journals and planners, anything that makes me look like I have my life together. Ha!
I never, ever dreamed I would have a photography business.
I'm not a huge fan of animals, yet I have a yorkie and love him to death! He sleeps with me every night.
I scratch my nail polish off, for no reason. It's just fun! 
I have a million favorite shows but a few of my favorites are Greys Anatomy, Criminal Minds, The Bachelor, American Housewife, Fixer Upper, and so so so many more! 

**Headshots were done by Hillary Kaye Photography