Breanna + Justin

Breanna and Justin came to Carlsbad for their session from Lubbock, and of course it ended up being literally SO freakin cold that day. However, since they had traveled a ways, we decided to keep their session date and brave the cold. I am honestly so glad we did, my fingers might have been numb for 30 minutes afterward but the result of these images, it was truly worth it! I can’t even imagine how cold Bre was during the session with a dress on but she totally still rocked it. These two are so in love, it was almost like they forgot it was cold. They cuddled and looked at eachother like they were the only people in the whole world and like they weren’t even being photographed. It’s honestly such an honor to get the pleasure to photograph couples in love, and I could tell within minutes that they were made for eachother. The way Justin looks at her is what girls dream about, and Breanna is such a beautiful soul and they both just deserve the whole world! I’m so thankful I got to meet them and cannot wait to do more sessions for them in the future! Here are a few of my favorites from their session!