Meet Your Photographer


Hey y'all! 

I'm Courtney. I am the owner and photographer here at Courtney Brogdon Photography. I am 23 and have a beauitful daughter and an amazing man by my side. I live in Carlsbad, New Mexico! I was actually raised in Queen, New Mexico so I grew up wandering the Guadalupe Mountains and Lincoln National Forest. Everyday was an outdoor adventure for our family and I'm so thankful I had such an amazing childhood. 

I've always had an adventure side to me for that reason however, like my dad I am a homebody. Is it possible to be adventurous and a home body? Cause thats what I get from my dad. I definitely picked up something from my sweet mama as well. Photography. I could never figure out what made me want to be a photographer, then friends and family made me realize I constantly had a camera. I remember on the last day of fifth grade I took a little disposable camera to school to take pictures with my friends (I don't even think that camera got developed, HA) Anywho, my mom was ALWAYS taking pictures of everything. I truly believe she has a lot to do with my love for photography. Even though she broke many, many cameras on our adventures, haha! She doesn't know I'm writing this so I can't wait for her to read this and realize this all started because of her. Thank you mom.

So obviously family is a huge part of my life! Here is my little family, my reason for everything. Henleey and Caleb. They are my whole heart and my whole world. Everything I do is for these two and I couldn't be luckier.